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Linear drives

Linear drives

The linear gear units find a broad application in many fields of the industry, where controlled stroke, shifting and tipping are required.

The advatage of our drives is in the self-locking properties of the units after stopping the input power (motor).

In case of simultaneous use of more units by means of mechanical connection it is possible to achieve a precise, synchrone stroke (also in case of different load of the units).

The driving unit is functionable in every position. The body of the unit has clamping holes on its two sides facing the screw.

This linear gear unit is a combination of a worm gear and a motion screw with traphesoidal thread. The worm as well as the screw are right rotary.

The driving units are delivered in two types:
- Standard gear - SP - on one turn of the worm shaft the screw performs an axial stroke of 1 mm.
- Gear - L - on one turn of the worm shaft the screw performs an axial stroke of 0,25 mm.
Maximal allowed turns of the worm shaft are 2800 rpm.

The drive units are supplied On request with various strokes (maximal stroke for the units is shown in the table).

The units can be produced without driving unit or can be connected with an elektromotor. In the second case a flange is supplied according to the requested motor.

Range of performance parameters:

Main technical data TMP
Maximal stroke force [kN] 5 10 25 50 100 210
Material of unit´s body Al-Leg Al-Leg 422420 422420 422420 422305
Diameter of the motion screw [mm] Tr 18x4 Tr 20x4 Tr 30x6 Tr 40x7 Tr 55x9 Tr 80x10
Ratio for version SP 4:1 4:1 6:1 7:1 9:1 10:1
Ratio for version L 16:1 16:1 24:1 28:1 36:1 40:1
Driving moment without load for version SP [Nm] 0,04 0,11 0,15 0,35 0,84 1,5
Driving moment without load for version "L" [Nm] 0,03 0,10 0,12 0,25 0,51 0,9
Efficiency of version SP [%] 32 30 29 27 22 19
Efficiency of version L [%] 26 24 22 21 17 14
Maximal stroke [mm] 700 1000 1300 1300 1300 1500
Weight of the unit for basic stroke [kg] 1,2 2,1 6,0 17,0 32,0 63,0
Additional weight for stroke of 100 mm [kg] 0,35 0,45 0,7 1,2 2,0 3,1

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