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Machine stock

CNC machinesNumber of machines
CNC horizontal machining centre HAAS 400x4001
CNC vertical machining centre HAAS VCE 7501
CNC vertical machining centre PINNACLE VMC 11601
CNC lathe HAAS SL 201
CNC lathe SPL 25 CNC2
LathesNumber of machines
Centre lathe SV 18 RA/10002
Centre lathe SU 50 A/20002
Centre lathe EE 630/15002
Turret lathe SR 50 A2
Semi-automatic lathe SPL 16A1
Automatic lathe. A 40C1
Grinding machinesNumber of machines
Cylindrical grinding machine BHU 25/6301
Cylindrical grinding machine BHS 25A/6301
Tool grinding machines14
Double-disk grinders6
Drilling machinesNumber of machines
Radial drilling machine VR 41
Radial drilling machine RF 501
Round-column drilling machine VS 32A4
Bench drilling machine VS 205
Boring and levelling machinesNumber of machines
Horizontal boring machine WH 631
Horizontal boring machine L 501
Levelling and boring machine FZWD 1601
Levelling machine PRD 021
Levelling machine JUS1
Planing machinesNumber of machines
Open-side planing machine HJ 8C2
Slotting and broaching machinesNumber of machines
Slotting machine 7A 420M1
Horizontal pull-type broaching machine MP 251
Milling machinesNumber of machines
Knee-type milling machine FGS 32/401
Knee-type milling machine FGS 50/631
Universal milling machine FA 5BU1
Universal milling machine UF 2221
Vertical milling machine FA 5V1
Vertical milling machine FSS4001
Vertical milling machine WY52231
Vertical milling machine FYD 321
Special milling machinesNumber of machines
Hobbing machine FO 61
Hobbing machine Ofa 32A1
Hobbing machine OFA 16SCA1
Thread milling machine GFLW 250/8001
Fly milling machine LGS 512
Slot milling machine FNW 32/500/801
Hack-sawsNumber of machines
Band saw AH1010JAY1
Band saw Pilous ARG1
Circular saw PK 13A1
PressNumber of machines
Hydraulic press for assembly CDC 2,5-81
Hydraulic press for assembly PYTE 3,151
Hydraulic press for assembly CDM 80A1
Other machinesNumber of machines
Thread-rolling machine UPW 25.11

The company is recorded in Register of Business Names on the Okresý súd Košice I, oddiel: Sro, vložka číslo: 2963/V.


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